Electrican Derbyshire

Electrical Services Derby, Ripley and Belper area

DES Ltd provide a full range of services to the Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Domestic sectors.

Electrical Contracting services we offer include Design, Installation, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing, Commissioning, PAT Testing, Security Systems, Access Systems and a whole range of Energy Saving Installations. DES Electrical contractors offer a complete service to all sectors and organisations of differing sizes

We have a range of packages that are designed specifically to cover all your electrical requirements at highly competitive rates.

DES Electrical promise to see every job through to the end from the first stage of design through installation to testing / commissioning and lifetime maintenance.

Domestic Electrical

Fully qualified and registered Part P electricians giving you the confidence that not only are you dealing with a well established and fully qualified electrical company, but also that we are regularly checked to ensure that all our work is up to all safety standards for the work being completed in your home. If you would like us to give us a free no obligation quote then contact us at Derbyshire Energy Solutions, where we handle a wide range of domestic electrical installations in households across Derbyshire.

Services for private home-owners or landlords

We can undertake all electrical work from upgrading, replacing or installing a simple socket or light fitting to full house re-wires. In addition, we specialise in the electrical work requirements for new builds, kitchens and bathrooms installations, as well as new central heating systems.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (commonly known as PAT or PAT Inspection) is a process in the UK by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety by a qualified electrician. The correct term for the whole process is: In-Service Inspection and testing of Electrical Equipment.

PAT Testing has become a core part of health and safety requirements for all employers and landlords. Designed to protect employees as well as tenants, the regulations state that portable appliances must be certified as electrically safe. Portable appliances are defined as any electrical item that can be plugged into the mains, for example, kettles, lamps, microwaves, TV etc.

Under the new PAT testing regulations, many types of portable electrical items require a test at regular intervals to ensure their continual safety. The actual interval between each test depends on both the type of appliance and the environment it is used in, but is usually once a year.

Evidence of PAT testing is clearly visible to all users in the form of 'Passed', 'Tested for Electrical Safety' and 'DO NOT USE' labels which are affixed by the electrician carrying out the test to various parts of the electrical equipment.


Derbyshire Energy Solutions offers a complete re-wire service from a free no obligation quotation to completion. All of our qualified electrical engineers are trained knowledgably to assess each and every re-wire project as a new beginning. We are therefore able to offer best practice solutions to meet any budget and we treat all budgets with the same attention, whether it is for a small or large rewiring job.

Electrical Faults can be dangerous. It's not only essential to ensure that the person undertaking electrical fault finding is suitably qualified, but in some cases - such as any work involving the main fuse board - it is now a legal requirement.